Look for Various Signs, Causes, and Dangers of Aircon Gas Leaks

Although everyone loves Singapore’s vibrant summery evenings, however, when you are exposed to hot and humid air then you need to hurry back to your room, which must be fully air-conditioned. Also, after a long day, everyone would like to get a comfortable sleep at night within a temperature-regulated room.

However, most air conditioners use freon as coolants, which are chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and can often be dangerous too. If you find that your AC is not cooling your room enough and your evaporator coils remain covered in ice, then most likely the gas is leaking.

Not only such gas leaking can damage the compressor unit of your AC but also increase your electricity bill. However, the biggest threat due to such leakage is a danger to our health.

Therefore, if you ever notice such leakage issue then you must immediately contact Aircon servicing who can offer you a cheap aircon servicing Singapore and help you to resolve the gas leaking problem.

What are the various signs?

If there is any gas leaking in your air conditioner unit then you will observe the following few signs:

  • The smell of the gas
  • Stains found on the refrigerant and cooling pipes
  • A humming noise will be heard near the thermostat pipe
  • Can detect through flame burner test too
  • Can be checked by a liquid tracer.

What are the causes?


Corrosion can take place on the refrigerant lines which is a very common reason for leaking. Though it is difficult to prevent but not impossible.

Mechanical damage to the refrigerant lines

Most of these refrigerant lines are made of copper meant for moving these refrigerants between the condenser and evaporator. If they are mechanically damaged, they may cause a gas leak.

Schrader valve malfunctioning

In the Schrader valve, if there is any seal damage then also it can cause an AC gas leak. You will need a professional for pinpointing the issue.

Leaky connections around the control valves

Often the leaky lines around the control valves can be the culprit. So, properly clean the valves and check whether they are correctly attached or not.

Poorly soldered controls of the fittings

Often poor soldering can also cause this issue. If the solder joints are cold joints due to improper heating of the solder can also cause aircon leaks.

What are the dangers?

Hazardous to human health

Any AC gas-leaking can pose several health issues to humans. Common problems like headaches and nausea are a few common problems.

Can damage your AC

If the leaking continues then it can put a lot of pressure on your compressor, and that may ultimately damage your compressor.

Can pose a certain danger to different forms of life

CFC used in the gas can quickly evaporate into a gas that can easily penetrate the soil, and affect plants, animals, humans, as well as several microorganisms.

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