Luxury Vinyl Flooring Slowly Sweeping Away The Sheet Vinyl Market

We have been using sheet vinyl for years especially in our bathrooms and kitchen, even in the basements. However, luxury vinyl is now taking over the entire vinyl market. With stain and moisture resistant properties, sheet vinyl has served as well for a long time. What is the reason that is becoming less popular nowadays?

The manufacturing of standard sheet vinyl is very different from the luxury vinyl that is produced today. In sheet vinyl, a thin vinyl layer and a design layer were covered by a resistant protective coating. However, after some use, this protective coating can tear down and thus, create a very hard surface of the vinyl underneath.

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On the other hand, luxury vinyl is created by assembling vinyl planks in the same fashion as you would install any laminate flooring. The thickness created by multiple plank layers is approximately 2-8 mm which makes the luxury vinyl floor a semi-rigid material. The topcoat layers give shine and protection to the flooring underneath. Apart from this, backing layers of solid PVC and fiberglass are also added to give the flooring additional strength.

Pulverized limestone is also added to some luxury vinyl flooring to give it a stoneappearance. The luxury vinyl is even giving laminate a stiff competition.

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Advantages of luxury vinyl over sheet vinyl

  1. It looks more realistic and can give you a feel of wood or ceramic tiles installed in the house.
  2. The thick layers of luxury vinyl make it more durable and can resist wear for a longer time.
  3. Luxury vinyl planks can even be installed in a DIY fashion without requiring any professionals, thus, savingthe cost of professional installation.
  4. DIY installation is not possible with sheet vinyl.
  5. Although luxury vinyl is more expensive initially, less repair requirement, more durability, and easier installation make it more cost-effective.
  6. Standard sheet vinyl does not improve the resale value of your property.
  7. On the other hand, luxury vinyl is equivalent to laminate and has a higher resale value.
  8. Underfoot softness and less sound production are among the major advantages provided by luxury vinyl flooring.

The only disadvantage is the water resistance capacity. Although the material itself is water-resistant there are many layers of planks due to which water can penetrate the undersurface. Careful installation can, however, prevent this from occurring.

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