Setting Up A Correct Online Business Listings For Effective Local SEO

People use multiple ways to find you on the internet – search engines, social media, navigation systems, online maps, etc. The jeopardy here is that they need to find relevant data about your business on every diverse platform. It sounds like more effort and exertion!

Fortunately, the business listing is the solution. Customers can find updated and consistent information about your business across the internet. Business listings allow gaining exposure and online visibility. You can choose categories that help search engines rank you before the right audience.

For example, people looking for flooring and carpet companies visit Flooring Domain. It is a Floor Covering Directory & Marketplace. In this way, service providers relevant to flooring projects can get listed and get in front of the target audience.

Businesses can display their unique selling points in the listings. Business information does not convey the entire story but a description can. Getting on business listings can help you –

  • Get before the right customers
  • Improve ranking
  • Get backlinks
  • With the right customers maximize revenue
  • Maintain business info control with regular updates

How to set up business listings correctly?

Every time you create a structured local business listing, there is a form to fill out. Make sure that the citations you mention are accurate and consistent on every directory listing. It doesn’t matter if you build citations manually or use the software. First, create a document to ensure that the right and consistent information is pushed on different platforms.

Business name or title

Use a real-world legal business name. Never add extra keywords, modifiers, or geographic terms to the business name.


You must always list real-world business address. Unstaffed virtual offices or PO boxes are not regarded as a real-world business address. Add street address in the first line and mailbox or suite number in the second line.

Phone number

If you have a toll-free number then use it rather than the local one. Ensure that your website and other citations use the same number.

Website URL

The listed URL must land directly on your business website instead of a social profile or third-party platform. For businesses and local companies in Australia choose Bleen. It is a dedicated online Australian directory.


Choose categories that relate to your business. Sometimes, your business niche may not find an appropriate category for representation. The best practice is to select the closest category and depend on the business description to clarify your brand’s exact nature.


It is a component that allows emphasizing persuasive business elements to influence potential customers. Several hundred characters allow the creation of an interesting short pitch. Highlight guarantees, awards, proximity, or popular brands you offer. The description must have a smooth and natural flow. Descriptions don’t influence local ranking on search results but impact CTR [Click-through Rates].


Upload high-quality images whenever possible because it influences business listing CTRs. Every platform has guidelines for image size and content type allowed.

The consistency, quality, and spread of your citations on online business directories have a direct impact on local search rankings. It leads to enhanced foot traffic, web traffic, and transactions. Visit Industry Link Online, a directory and blog, where you can find updated information associated with search engine optimization.