Three things you should know before you get roof flashing done

In roof flashing, the roofers install a thin metal material to deflect water away from specific portions of the roof like roof valleys, chimneys, and walls. Roof flashing is a crucial roofing material that should be a part of every roof. Copper, aluminum, and steel are the most prevalent materials used for roof flashing purposes. Amongst this, steel is the most frequent metal used for roof flashing. Steel provides a neat appearance and is available within the financial limit of most people. If you wish to upgrade the roof’s look further, you should go for copper since it looks beautiful and lasts a long time. However, copper costs more.

Before you decide on a specific material, you should talk with your local roofing contractor to determine which metal would provide you with the design aesthetic while staying within the budget.

Three things you must be aware of about roof flashing

Now that you know what roof flashing is, here are a few things you must know before you get flashing done.

Roof flashing is crucial for safeguarding the most vulnerable sections of the roof.

As the name implies, roof flashing has the purpose of deflecting the water away from some regions of the top. If roof flashing is not placed correctly, these sections would be vulnerable to leakage. Everywhere the shingles come in contact with another section like chimney, wall, or open roof valleys, roof flashing should be installed. This is done to ensure that the roof investment lasts for as long as possible. If the roof flashing is done appropriately, these problem locations will stay leak-free during the lifetime of the material used for flashing.

Replace the current roof flashing if you get a new roof?

Since roof flashing is a crucial part of the roof, most homeowners think that roof flashing should be replaced when the existing roof is changed. However, this is not true. There may not be any need to change the roof flashing in some cases. However, the answer to this question will vary depending on the state of the metal and the situation.

When the roofing contractor checks the roof and provides you a price for a replacement, they also evaluate the flashing. They will inspect the flashing for rusting and determine whether the integrity of the metal is still intact. If the metal’s integrity is fine and there is no corrosion, the flashing will not have to be changed. However, if the flashing has rust or if you are upgrading, you will have to replace the flashing.

Roof flashing must be inspected once a year

Technically, the roof flashing should outlast the material of the original roof. However, this is only a possibility if the roof is properly maintained. Therefore, you must evaluate the flashing as part of the regular maintenance of the roof. This would allow the https://litcore.ie/roofing/flashingsroofing professional to inspect if the flashing needs to be changed or if its metal integrity is intact.