Top 4 Beneficial Features Of Online Shop Management System

In today’s world, having an online shop management system (ระบบ หลัง บ้าน, which is the term in Thai) is a must to manage the proper working of the store. An online management process should be such that it spans both downstream and upstream management systematically. It has a sophisticated system to suggest to merchants — online vendors — such as Fillgoods and Page365. Let’s choose to employ it since not every system will satisfy the requirements of every retailer, as they are easy and simple to use. 


A pre-made system for managing internet stores is called Fillgoods. It is created to help entrepreneurs, retailers, and vendors sell products more quickly online and in a simple way. There are numerous functions available to use it. Packages can be modified per the store’s need and are provided for free. So, supporting iOS and Android platforms on web pages and applications is a good choice. 


Another system for online shop management system (ระบบ จัดการ ร้าน ค้า, term in Thai) is Page365. It enables the sale of goods via a Facebook Page, the official Line account, Instagram, live sales on Instagram and Facebook, and the opening of a website for the free sale of goods. Starting your membership is free, and you can upgrade your plan as per your need. So, supporting the usage of webpages and mobile apps for iOS and Android is a good choice. 

Benefits Of Having An Online Store Management System 

  • Easy To Chat 

Online grants customers access to easily convey messages to the retailer. If you have any doubt about the service or the product, it can be asked over the chat and cleared then and there. It gives you access to conveniently manages the orders over chat. It is beneficial for both customers and sellers. It reduces the effort and time for both and, thus, increases sales. 

  • Easy To Access 

As all the product or services is available in front of the eyes, so it becomes easy to scroll and check for the required stuff, make a comparison, compare price, and make an order. Also, the delivery will be faster. A system that automatically generates parcel numbers for consumers would be useful. 

  • No Specific Knowledge Required 

One does not require specific knowledge to sell and purchase products or services over the internet. It is very simple and convenient. Thus, having a system for online management is a quick fix and simple system to handle.

  • Access To Various Payment Modes 

There are ample payment modes accepted here, letting the customers check out quickly without giving it a second thought.