Types of Affiliates that You Need to Know Of

Topic portals deal with a complete topic with editorial content or news. Many themed portals incorporate partner programs from companies to refinance part of their expenses. There are larger theme portals for almost all industries. They are like fashion, travel, cars, internet, technology, education, food & drink, health etc.

There are also test and comparison portals for main topics such as insurance, hotels or travel. And then there are the specialists. They test or compare a certain type of product. They are also a kind of niche site, only that the tests and comparisons are in the foreground. And most of them only exist to make money through affiliate marketing. Here are a few examples to show you that there are websites with tests and comparisons for almost all offers:

  • Tests on chainsaws
  • Comparison of washing machines
  • Provider overview and comparison of sports betting portals
  • Comparison of online language learning portals

Voucher portals

Voucher portals list vouchers. Users can redeem these when purchasing products and save money. Examples are, or

Affiliate portals

If a user orders a product via aaffiliate portal, the portal and the user share the commission that the affiliate portal receives from the advertiser for brokering the sale. More information on affiliate portals can be found in the article Affiliate more than just customer loyalty. And this overview of affiliate portals as PDF provides a good overview of the providers and the differences. Also understand about the Evergreen Wealth Formula as you visit Sean Abbott Marketing.

Specialist blogs and online magazines

And then of course there are the many blogs and online magazines. Many use the income opportunity as a publisher in affiliate marketing. If you don’t know the blogs that are relevant to your topic, just do some research on Google.

Other types of affiliates

There are a few other types of affiliates, but I’ll only briefly list them here:

  • E-mail affiliates
  • Social Media Affiliates & YouTube Affiliates
  • Display and retargeting affiliates
  • SEA affiliates
  • Price alert systems
  • Recommendation systems


Affiliate marketing is still an efficient measure in the online marketing mix today. To successfully implement a suitable strategy, please pay attention to the following points:

Is it worth using affiliate measures for the desired industry?

A previous analysis of the potential of partners and target groups can counteract wastage.

Less is more – focusing on a certain niche increases the chances of success of strategic measures. Trying to promote the sale of many different products at the same time involves some additional effort.

Take care – don’t just let your affiliate program run like that. That often doesn’t work. Find new partners regularly and support the partners with the best potential or the best results.