A container can be referred to as simply any enclosure or receptacle for holding a product used in storage, packaging, and transportation according to Wikipedia, while a plant is simply a living organism of its kind exemplified by trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, and mosses, typically growing in the ground, absorbing water and inorganic substances through the roots from the soil and ensuring the supply of nutrients to other parts of the plants, also synthesizing elements in its leaves via photosynthesis by exposure to sunlight.

Having stated above what a container and a plant means, we can now say that plant containers can then be referred to as an enclosure or receptacle that holds plant, either vegetables or flowers, and also holds some bit of soil that ensures the supply of nutrients that can be drawn by the plant root to any part of the plant that is held in the container. Plant containers can contain substances that could be edible plants such as vegetables, the example of these are tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, green onions, beans lettuce, squash, radishes, parsley, etc. As well as flowers, crocus, begonia, lily, starflower, angelonia, geranium, coleus, new guinea impatiens, etc. These types of plants are forms that are relatively easy to grow and cultivate.

Apparently, all objects that can be used to hold soil in it, and also has good drainage can be used as a substance for plant containers, it does not have to be restricted to one type and it has never been restricted to a type, rather it can either be with a terra cotta plant container, a plastic plant container, or glazed containers blossoming with colorful flowers, also some ideas for plant containers could be galvanized metal buckets, old cans of milk, old washtubs, tea or coffee pots, roasting cans, old pots, old watering cans, and many more things that can be used as a plant container.

Also, plant containers are chosen based on the type and size of the plant it is going to hold, plant containers can come in various sizes, shapes, and can be used in different ways, there are some that are just used to grow some easily accessible vegetables in our backyard or garden for basic domestic cooking, most of the times these types of plant containers are not the sophisticated materials, unlike the once that are used in growing, cultivating, culturing, or nurturing different species of flowers for the purpose of beautification. They are most times the sophisticated designed pots.