Why Should You Consider Roof Cleaning Services?

Roof cleaning is a very commonly ignored home maintenance aspect. We do not pay attention to it unless the roofs fall apart. When the siding of the house becomes dirty or the paint is peeling off, it is a sign that the roof needs immediate maintenance. If the roofs are not properly cleaned and maintained time and again, it will lead to damages that will take dollars to repair. The lifespan of the roof decreases dramatically and the protection lowers down. 

So here are listed certain reasons why you should consider professional roof cleaning services.

Roof soiling

The roof is always exposed to all sorts of weather conditions across the day and night. Naturally, dirt and debris get deposited on the roof surface. Natural rainfall is mostly enough to wash off the dirt but it does not get thoroughly cleaned. There is however presence of dark stains and green areas that are caused by algae, lichen or moss. To remove these contaminations, professional roof cleaning is needed.


The black staining on your roofs is caused by the growth of algae. Algae mostly feed off both asphalt and limestone and hence they grow rapidly in areas that are moist, cool or shaded. The algae form a blue-green colour where there is a lesser presence of light. If they are not cleaned at the right time, they can also harbour mould growth.


They are a combination of algae and fungus. This fungus grows along with the algae and is in the form of plants. They have root-like tentacles that penetrate deep into the base of the shingles and they derive their nutrition from there. They are tough to remove and reappear with humidity.


Moss is an actual plant that has a shallow root system and needs a good amount of moisture for survival. They grow in areas that receive less sunlight and remain damp across the year. They find shade from the overhanging tree branches and the collected debris is their source of food. They spread easily through the neighbourhood with easy transfer of their spores. When they accumulate on the roofs over time, they also can form cracks on the surface which may increase drastically owing to the weather changes.

These elements need to be removed as soon as they occur and hence you must opt for Zachs roof cleaning services. They are experts in what they do and they will help you thoroughly.