Youtube Marketing Solutions in the Right Format

So you have decided to enhance YouTube videos to the content directory. And you are right since web users love videos. 

YouTube is the 3rd largest website in the world in terms of audience. Nearly 40 million people connect to it every day. According to statistics, 14% of users go to YouTube to find information about products and offers. So there is an important business opportunity for advertisers to seize, let’s see how to seize it. In you can have the best Youtube marketing options that you can go for. There are a great new options for the same.


Youtube video advertising: what are the ad formats?

Thanks to Google Ads video campaigns, it is possible to distribute your videos on Youtube as well as on the Display network. There are several formats:

The Instream format allows it to be broadcast before another video that the Internet user intends to watch. It can be ignored after a 5 second delay. This type of ad can respond as much to an objective of traffic to a website, as an objective of notoriety.

Video advertising

The Video format is not broadcast before the video viewed by the Internet user, but in various places on Youtube, namely: in the search results, in suggestions of similar videos or again on the Youtube home page for mobile phones, in miniature form with text.  

Video advertising

This format, not being intrusive, is used to promote products and services, or even tutorials, to Internet users active on the platform, in order to capture their attention. The Bumper format is short and punchy. Lasting a maximum of 6 seconds, it cannot be ignored.

Video advertising

It is a format designed for mobile, but also suitable for computer screens. This format is ideal for attracting the Internet user in a short time, through an effective message encouraging the Internet user to discover more.

According to statistics, in France, 66% of measured Bumper campaigns resulted in an increase in brand awareness of 14%.

YouTube is a great content channel. Placing an advertiser’s banners on your own website is actually the easiest way to start a business and make money online. Affiliate marketing has the same potential when making money on Instagram, when a potential customer clicks on the advertiser’s website through a link below the post. The same is true on the popular YouTube (for reading: instructions on how to make money on YouTube).

All this cooperation has one goal. Promotion partners bring customers to the advertiser, who gives them a set commission for it. What is important for both parties – the commission is not paid only for a “click” to the advertiser’s website, but also for the sale made.


It should be added that the goal of affiliate marketing is not only to generate sales (and therefore profit on both sides), but also other activities on the advertiser’s website such as signing up for a newsletter. It depends on what collaboration the affiliate program is based on.